Trelawny Credit Union

Credit Union Family Indemnity Plan

The family indemnity plan is a group insurance plan that provides funeral expense coverage for the member and 5 eligible family members. You can get coverage once you enroll before age 76.

Who Is Covered?

  • Your spouse / significant other or any combination of up to two persons from your parents or parents in-law. These persons must be enrolled before age 76.
  • Your children including dependent children under your guardianship age 1 through to 25 and who are not yet married
  • Children who are permanently disabled are covered for the duration of their lives once they are enrolled before age 26.

How To Enroll?
All you need is to fill out and enrolment form and pay your first month premium. Verification of ages and relationship are also required e.g. copy of birth certificate, passport etc.

Note: Termination of payment cancels the plan and funds paid are non-refundable

PlanIndividual BenefitMonthly Premium
Plan AJMD $80,000.00JMD $422.40
Plan BJMD $120,000.00JMD $633.00
Plan CJMD $150,000.00JMD $792.00
Plan DJMD $250,000.00JMD $1,320.00
Plan EJMD $400,000.00JMD $2,112.00
Plan FJMD $650,000.00JMD $3,432.00
Plan GJMD $1,000,000.00JMD $5,280.00
Members may enroll at any time during the year. There is a 6-month waiting period before claims can be made. However, if death is by accident, claims can be made immediately after the plan has been effected.