Trelawny Credit Union

A multi-purpose account that allows you to get more done with your money.

Trewany Credit Union is a unique type of financial institution. We make it simple to borrow money at cheap interest rates and save for the future.

Banking with Credit Union

Youth Savings

The youth savings program is designed to encourage our youths towards their future as they are moulded to become the men and women of tomorrow.

Deposit Account

Start a deposit account with as low as J$600.00 plus J$100.00 for entrance fee along with a valid form of identification and your tax registration number (TRN).

Partner Plan

Why pay the banker when we will pay you. Start at a minimum of $250 weekly with saving pattern from 12-48 weeks.

Golden Harvest

Saving money towards your goals is important, but the process can be challenging. Helping you achieve these goals is what the Golden Harvest Savings Plan

Fixed Deposit

The purpose of a fixed deposit account is to earn our member a higher rate of interest which will be made payable after an agreed period of time.


Loan Protection

Deposit held for loans are insured to a maximum of $ 150,000.00 at no cost to you. Your loan is insured to a maximum of $ 600,000.00 in the event of death.

Family Indemnity Plan

The family indemnity plan is a group insurance plan that provides funeral expense coverage for the member and 5 eligible family members.